Chris Wilkins

A fictional narrative of a non-fictional life.


I have finally started to work on things that truly interest me at Gateway. I am hosting their website, which turns out to be surprisingly easy. All it involves in a little tweaking of a simple WAMP/Apache htdoc and publishing to the web.

I played around with IIS a little, but that turns out to be more trouble than its worth.

Anyway, not meaning to be technical. It’s fun to be able to do something I’m enjoying. It seems that my other job is becoming incredibly stagnant. I don’t like going in anymore, and people who I used to be able to talk to and joke around with, some bosses in particular, have become scarce due to layout changes. The others simply work other times, etc.

Because of this, work can get tense, and juggling two jobs and school can be tough.

My advice to you? Do your best to not work two jobs. Crappy, I know, but there you go


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