Chris Wilkins

A fictional narrative of a non-fictional life.

On Things

I am graduating this December, and find myself hopeless lost in thought about a number of different things. The obvious things are invading my thoughts constantly: actually graduating, taking my last classes, and of course, finding a job. However, these are not the only things.

Maybe I can shed some light:


The problem with everything isn’t the fact that I’m graduating. It’s that my GPA will not support the type of career I want, which is consulting. Three years of the engineering program destroyed my GPA to a measly 2.0. After another couple years, I am almost to a 3.0, but I am not sure it will be sufficient.

I am overly confident in my ability to actually perform the job, but my GPA will not land me an interview. I get other interviews, and I appreciate them, and may even like the job, but for now, I am disappointed that years of college will not result in my dream career(right now anyway).


With graduation comes the loss of friends. Somehow, it seems no matter where i accept a job, I will lose incredibly close and good personal friends. This is not acceptable to me. I have always found that I make friends easily, but I do not make good friends easily, the kind that stick with you, that always have your back. I am at the point, where I know that anyone of my friends currently, would do anything for me at the drop of a hat, and I absolutely refuse to accept leaving any of them. All will be fixed with time, i suppose…

Personal Life:

How do I decide where to move when my girlfriend, has her heart set of Vet School. How can i accept a career, knowing that I could be holding her back. Its a tough decision, and I have to decide quickly for this.

There are some other things I would like to discuss, but maybe not over public forums. Maybe in a later post. Keep in touch. Always I plan on posting some more narratives. Check em out.


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