Chris Wilkins

A fictional narrative of a non-fictional life.

Five (non-academic) things I learned during college

1. If you live your life for other people, your life will suffer.

When I began college, I went out of my way to help every single person I came across, giving advice, running errands; I was even designated driver for an entire year for a group of my friends. This was all fine for a while, until I realized that I began to suffer in turn. My grades dropped, and my happiness lowered because of a lot of these things(combined). So take some advice, help your friends, but not to the point where it destroys you.

2. Don’t pass good things by.

Often things will happen, that you just let slip by, due to money problems, time constraints, etc. I passed by several concerts, trips to the city, and other things because I felt I had a financial lag behind others. It stopped me from enjoy a lot of things I wish I would have done. Do things you enjoy(to a certain extent).

3. Don’t take excessive loans

This seemed like a good idea. Don’t worry you say. I’ll make up for it, I’ll make up for it with work later, and pay back the loans anyway, but I just need the money now. Right? Wrong, you won’t, because you can’t, and even if you could, you wouldn’t, so only borrow what you absolutely need.

4. Get involved

A lot of the problems I have now are due to the fact that instead of getting involved with clubs, I worked two jobs, and neglected things I enjoyed. Join a club. MAKE the time, you’ll find it worth it in the end, and so will your employers.

5. Don’t follow others advice blindly

I stuck with a major for three and a half years; because I listened to what others told me would be a good career path for me. I suffered through programming and other classes I didn’t enjoy because I let others convince me it was best. It wasn’t until I switched majors, did I become happier, become more interested in my classes, and raised my grades because of it.

Summary: Live your life for you, because it’s the only one you got. Help others out along the way and listen to their advice, but in the end, you know what is best for you.


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