Chris Wilkins

A fictional narrative of a non-fictional life.

Fractured Scribe

DixonBaxi Shattered Glass

I will be creating a new website. This website will attempt to allow users to share and distribute writings of all sorts either publicly or privately. They will be able to log in via twitter or Facebook and post their favorites directly to their wall/timeline. They will also be able to vote this way. At the end of every way, the writing with the most votes, will become a featured writer.

This writer will get exposure through our website, which encourages good content, and will allow unknown writers to get their stuff out. At the end of every three months, we will collaborate every featured author and distribute their short stories along with some of the runner-ups through a digital e-book, emailing all those who wish to have it(as well as making it available online

To help speed this process along, please help us with suggestions for what features we should have, or try to avoid


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