Chris Wilkins

A fictional narrative of a non-fictional life.


Consider two statements. The first being “he went to the store to grab some milk”, and the second being “I never dated a girl named Sarah”. Assume that the first one is entirely factual, the man went to the store, and he found and bought some milk. Also, for arguments sake, assume that the second statement is entirely false. The same person dated a girl named Sara for several years before they broke up on bad terms. When looking at these statements from an obvious and narrow point of view, these statements are nothing more than black-and-white blocks of text that someone, somewhere, uttered out of their mouth.
Now, both of these statements can be thoroughly twisted. The truth can always be changed by adding circumstance. Circumstance can change the smallest detail of an entirely truthful statement to making everything completely false, contorting the whole situation. Now, adding to the first statement “he went to the store to grab some milk”, the fact that a girl was involved. Already, this is turning into something different. Add to the same statement that you were saying this to your current girlfriend and the girl who was at the store was an ex. This completely changes everything. Now a seemingly meaningless task of picking up groceries becomes a hidden event to visit and see an ex-girlfriend under the deceitful cloak of misinterpretation.
When considering the second statement, even this could be construed as factual. Along with circumstance, lies are often turned true when two other things are added. Repetition and manipulation. For instance, say one day after you broke up with Sara, you suddenly decided that you hated her, as relationships often go. You go on living your life, and someone asks “hey, didn’t you date that sara chick?” You respond with an obvious, blatant lie, “Of course not, we just fooled around at a party.” The statement stems forth through the vine and over and over and through time, you no longer dated sara and the only person that will ever tell anyone differently is here, and considering the fact that she defriended you on every social networking site known to man, which is an abhorrently difficult task in that of itself, but she no longer talks to any of your friends, because, out of loyalty, the friends you both shared took sides, and abandoned one side or the other. So in this, you have successfully used repetition and small amounts of manipulation to coax someone into believing an entirely false statement as true.
It is not hard to do this. People are inherently going to believe anything you tell them, unless you know for a 100% certainty the other way. Manipulation is easy, lying is easy, and it only becomes dangerous when the person doing so convinces himself that a false statement is true. Then a person’s psyche gets forever warped, altering memories, and twisting reality. Maybe it isn’t a big deal, and it may never come to haunt the person, or maybe when looking back, they cannot remember their own reality, and struggle to interpret their own fractured thoughts.
This is the story of my life. A man so struck with the idea of belonging, that he compulsively lied to fit in, twisting scenarios to the point where dates became misconstrued, lies no longer mattered, and the very truth of his life seems so manipulated and twisted, that the strings of his very being will never unravel fully into complacency.
All of the thoughts following this are my actual remembrances of a life that I have lived. Judge for yourself whether they be true or full of shit. Either way, just remember, that at any point in my story, anything I could be saying could very well be my manipulations.


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